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v1.2.8 (February 10, 2024)

The TanaFlows theme has just been updated with a number of improvements. Happy Lunar New Year!

✨ New

  • Added Instant Page JS to preload links when hovered, boosting site speed. Preloading HTML only occurs when hovering over links, weighing only 1KB gzipped.
  • Added auto generate schema for toggle card with #faq-schema-toggle.
  • Added course page template and course hub page.
  • Added member count at subscribe form for better marketing. Hidden by ID total-members (#total-members{display:none}).
  • Added next and previous post on post for SEO.
  • Redesigned homepage and added newsletter #newsletter display on homepage. Check how to customize the default home page.
  • Added #no-homepage and #no-featured to control post display on homepage.
  • Added brand block for Product page and adjusted code for testimonials. Check the code update.
  • Added tag #content to curated page.

🎨 Improvements

  • Reverted blog header to old design but enhanced the time meta.
  • Narrowed down post/page content to improve readability to 680px on Desktop.
  • Image borders added to content for better highlighting.
  • Refactored the button language switch with Alpinejs for improved functionality.
  • Table of Contents now detects h3 and initially opens on Desktop only. Desktop version is floated to the right, while Mobile version is floated to the left.
  • Added Zoom in effect for blog post cards on homepage when hovered.
  • Author website at author box now only displays root domain, excluding https:// or parameters after .com. (For example: instead of

🐛 Fix

  • Fixed Date time on post cards list and feature posts.
  • Fixed CSS for Product page template.
  • Fixed HTML validation.
  • Fixed font and switched to use Bunny font instead of local.
  • Fixed excerpt of featured blog post displaying missing words.
  • Fixed size of icons at tags page on mobile.
  • Fixed social links text on single Author page.
  • Fixed author page template.
  • Button language switch now displays correct language.


♻️ Deprecated

  • Deprecated Docs template page which bloated theme without real useful.

v1.2.7 (January 04, 2024)

The TanaFlows theme has just been updated with a number of improvements.

✨ New

  • Built new TanaFlows Documentation Site. The documentation includes tutorials and more information that can be searched easily.
  • Added new product template for TanaFlows theme. Using this template, you will be able to create a variety of e-commerce product pages. (Check tutorial)
  • Added child search on single tag page.
  • Added child search on related post
  • Built a tool HTML Form generator to help you make a custom HTML form (Form works only for TanaFlows v1.2.7 above).

🎨 Improvements

  • Redesigned the Tag page to look like an HTML sitemap which is better for navigation and SEO. (Check Demo)
  • Redesign the single tag page so that it now has four columns. View is improved.
  • Redesign the blog header with a datetime at the top and more balance design. There is no change to the page header.
  • Pretty all titles in theme thanks to latest Tailwindcss text-pretty.
  • A bigger image for the blog list on the homepage. Views and UX have been greatly improved.
  • The author’s name is now separated in post cards better with a , instead |.
  • Updated latest Tailwindcss and dependencies.


  • Explain about child search. Check it here

v1.2.6 (December 11, 2023)

A new version of TanFlows theme has been released with many enhancements.

✨ New

🎨 Improvements

  • Clickable links for featured posts on the post page have been restored.
  • Translation has been added to the pagination navigation bar.
  • A Darkmode button has been included as a footer fallback for cases where it is not visible on mobile.
  • The contact page has been redesigned to allow hiding the default form using the tag #hide_form and utilizing your own form service like Tally or Airtable.
  • The darkmode switch button is now displayed regardless of your preferred dark or light mode.
  • The Toggle public cards style for the Ghost editor has been optimized.
  • A loading state has been added for the signup form submit button.
  • Multi-author box display is now supported at a single post.
  • Related posts have been redesigned.
  • Deprecated templates have been removed.
  • Icon components have been deprecated, and SVG icons have been optimized.
  • The Subscription form on the Footer is now auto-hidden when turning off the member function.

🐛 Fix

  • Corrected the display of the publish date at the blog header.

v1.0.0 (July 21, 2023)

✨ TanaFlows officially launched

With more than 700 times of editing, optimizing, creating themes from scratch, ghostFam is very excited when officially launching the unique ghost theme on the global market - Multilingual Theme.

Haven’t purchased TanaFlows yet? You can check it out here. Have plenty enhanced planned for the future.

As always if you have any question feel free to ask me via email or contact page.


Cuong from