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Disqus comment

Disqus is a popular and widely used commenting platform that allows website owners to integrate comments system easily.

One of Disqus’ standout features is its ease of use and smooth integration. It provides a friendly interface for both site owners and users, making it simple to manage and moderate comments.

How to integrate Disqus comment into TanaFlows theme as follows:

Step #1: Create a Disqus account and get the shortname

Sign up for a Disqus account here. After logging in, you create a new site.

Create a new site in Disqus
Create a new site

In the process of creating a new site, in the website name section, give it a name and Disqus will create a subdomain for you.

Website name isshortname
Website name is shortname

Step #2: Paste the shortname into the ghost dashboard

You go to Setting > Design > Post, paste your shortname in the 3rd comment id field and remember to select the comment provider as Disqus. The demo below has the shortname ghostfam

Follow the comprehensive Giscus Comment tutorial to effortlessly generate your personalized Giscus configuration. In summary, you will have:

Paste your shortname in 3rd comment id
Paste your shortname in 3rd comment id

Save and done!