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How to create a course hub page

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How to create a course hub page with TanaFlows theme

Course Hub Demo

Having a special page just for your courses on your website is really important. It helps people find and look at all the different courses you offer. This page is like a map that helps visitors easily see and choose which courses they want to learn about.

Also, when your course page looks nice and professional, it makes people feel more sure about learning from you. It shows them that you’re serious about teaching and helps them feel confident in signing up for your courses.

Step 1: Create your course pages

Each course page represents a single course.

Check how to create course pages

Step 2: Create a new course hub page

You create a new page with URL courses.

Fill all meta for SEO:

  • Excerpt
  • Feature image
  • Feature image ALT
Create a new page for course hub
Create a new page with URL courses

You keep the page content blank.