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How to create a page that generates automated FAQ schemas

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Create a FAQ page

See Demo FAQ page

FAQ Schema is an important part of structured data used to mark frequently asked questions (FAQ) information. Using the FAQ Schema has several important benefits:

  1. Improve visibility in search results: Using the FAQ schema helps questions and answers appear prominently in search results. This grabs the user’s attention and can increase your website’s click-through rate.
  2. Increase Chances of Engagement: With the FAQ schema, users can foresee the questions they want answered, helping to generate engagement before they even click on your page.
  3. Improve user experience: Providing accessible and well-structured answers can improve the user experience on your site.
Heading 2 in the ghost editor and ending ?
Heading 2 in the ghost editor and ending with a ”?”

Step 1: Create internal tag #faq-schema

You need to quickly create an internal FAQ schema tag to use:

Internal tag #faq-schema
Internal tag #faq-schema

Step 2: Assign the tag #faq-schema to the post or page

Any articles you have h2 headings that end with a ”?” you can assign tags #faq-schema

TanaFlows will automatically generate an automatic FAQ schema for you with heading 2 as the question and the content below heading 2 as the answer. The end of the answer is the next heading or the end of the lesson.

assign tags #faq-schema to posts to create FAQ schema
Assign tags #faq-schema to posts to create FAQ schema

To check if the article has created an FAQ schema, use Google’s tool

Google Rich Card Test
Google Rich Card Test