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Why TanaFlows Theme?

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Many beautiful themes are available in the marketplace, showcasing the expertise of professional theme developers.

I am not here to persuade you to buy another theme with a better design. I’m here to give you a unique, practical theme that stands out - TanaFlows theme.

What makes TanaFlows unique and different?

”It’s the only one” theme for my business

My intention wasn’t to create numerous themes to saturate the market for maximum sales. I created ONE theme for myself and share it with you as a business venture.

Does that sound meaningless to you?

This means the theme will receive continuous updates, development, and support throughout its lifetime, aligning with Ghost CMS.

TanaFlows is what I use for my GhostFam site, and there’s no doubt that I will continue to update it indefinitely.

Check out the TanaFlows’ changelog to see how I improved it in a way that no theme studio can.

The only Ghost theme supporting multiple languages

While Ghost is good at translating languages, it lacks built-in support for multi-languages and has limited prospects for this feature in the future. Consequently, I built my own multilingual and SEO-friendly theme.

You can translate one content into numerous languages, boosting your search engine rankings and traffic in Ghost.

If you struggle with setting up a multi-Ghost instance for multiple languages, you might consider my service managed multilingual Ghost hosting, offering a cost-effective solution that saves you $200/month compared to Ghost (Pro).

A theme designed with marketers in mind

ghostfam on mobile

As a blogger and affiliate marketer, I understand the needs and best practices of affiliates. The theme I created is easy to use, looks professional, and includes all the features marketers need to boost sales.

Being a solopreneur, I crafted the theme for SaaS entrepreneurs through many pre-made templates designed to help startup individuals launch quickly and effectively, especially regarding SEO.

For instance, I designed a page template to assist you in creating a mini-curated page that can generate income through affiliate marketing.

This isn’t the only feature I designed; there are many others to serve this purpose as well.


  1. Is it possible to use themes on Ghost (Pro)?
  2. Do I get a refund if I do not sastify the theme?
    • Of course in case you have a real problem with the theme. Since this theme is a digital product, it shouldn’t be misused.

Haven’t purchased TanaFlows yet? You can check it out here. Have plenty enhanced planned for the future.

As always if you have any question feel free to ask me via email or contact page to ask me anything before purchasing.

Cheers, Cuong from